As the title suggests, we’ve finished up with our first round of #Resolution2018, and we’re definitely calling it a success! From start to finish this event was a great time. We loved having the opportunity to hear what the community is curious about during the April 12th event. It also gave us the opportunity to talk about what’s happening in the housing market, helping potential home buyers become more informed as they move forward with their search!

On April 19th we kept the ball rolling by inviting realtors from across Buffalo to join us for an open house where they were able to chat one on one with our owner, Paul Banas and experienced loan officer, Marian Guarino! Topics varied from the benefits of working with a mortgage broker to the current housing climate in Buffalo, touching on everything in between. We were even lucky enough to have a few members of Northwest bank drop by to talk about ways they can support Banas Mortgage and help Buffalo find the homes they want and need!

Overall, this event was educational not only to the participants but to us here at Banas as well… And we can’t wait for the next one!