Welcome To The Banas Mortgage!

In 1985, Paul Banas decided to begin his journey in the world of mortgage brokering. Given his love of retail and passion for helping others, it didn’t take him long to know he needed to start his own business. After just 4 short years, Banas would open the open the doors of Banas Mortgage Co in 1989 and changed the way Western New York thinks of home loans forever. Over the past three decades, we at Banas Mortgage Co. have created a vast network of lenders to make sure that each customer is provided with a loan that is tailored to their specific needs and situation.

    To fit the growing demands of the Buffalo Niagara Region, we’ve been happy to expand to a full staff of five dedicated team members. With nearly 20 years of experience together, Banas Mortgage Co. has the unique advantage of time and experience on our side. We provide honest, reliable, and professional service to the residents and business owners of Buffalo, NY and the surrounding area. With over 25 years of mortgage experience, we know exactly what it takes to get you the money you need to help achieve all your goals.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of owning your own home, taking your business to the next level, refinancing, or just have questions on where to start, we’re here for you. Here at Banas Mortgage Co., we’re different than a traditional bank because our job isn’t done until each you’re in the home you need. With that mindset, we’ve helped provide over $1 billion in loans to over 10,000 customers. We’re happy to hear your story because we see you as a person, not a transaction.