Conventional Home Mortgages is a good fit?

There are two different types: fixed-rate and variable rate mortgages.

Fixed Rate Conventional Mortgage Loans

Like the name denotes, a fixed-rate mortgage is entirely predictable and avoids the concerns about the fluctuating interest rate on your mortgage payments going up. They are easy to budget for a long-term usually from 15 or 30 years and will be an excellent service if you need

. A Predictable monthly payment

. Keeping your property for more than five years

Variable Rate Conventional Mortgage Loans

Variable-rate mortgages or Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMS) are a complex model system than fixed rate mortgages. Initial interest rate of the ARMs may be low, but it may change over time. As a result, the payments may go up or down depending on the fluctuations.

This will be ideal if your:

. Expectancy of ownership is less than five years

. Use a lower rate in the beginning

. Expect to increase the income

. Expecting the rates to decline

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