Construction Loan

Save Money With a One-Time Close Construction Loan Through Banas Mortgage


The hassle of extra paperwork and additional loan closing costs shouldn’t overshadow the excitement of building the home of your dreams.

With a one-time-close construction loan, you can secure a mortgage that covers your home’s construction costs and financing in one transaction. What would typically require two different applications and paying home loan/construction loan closing costs becomes a streamlined process, saving you time and money.

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Enjoy the benefits & build the home you’ve always wanted


You can look forward to:

● Tracking technology that shows your loan status and details before final approval
● Getting into your new home sooner—no Certificate of Occupancy needed
● Competitive pricing and more options for your mortgage. We shop with multiple lenders to match you with the right fit.
● More money stays in your pocket by avoiding two sets of closing costs.
● A simplified application process that gives you more time to focus on designing your home.!

Working with Banas Mortgage removes the stress of finding mortgage lenders near Buffalo, NY, on your own. You can finalize construction plans with ease and feel confident every step of the way when you choose to work with us!

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Construction Loan