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In the past when you found the house you wanted to buy, you would sign the sales contract and then go through the loan application process.

The usual scenario was — hurry up –and wait – for loan approval and escrow several weeks later. This is no longer the case: mortgage lenders today are committed to moving through the application-to-approval process much quicker and more economically. A goal of five days for the process is now realistic due to the development of computer linkups to information networks. Such technology will undoubtedly prove too quick for some. People may rush past some significant details, such as getting the proper financing. No technological wizardry will find you the best deal in the complex world of home finance. Mortgages are like storefronts – it’s what’s inside that matters. In the day of faster – and- faster financing, the survivors are those who are the best informed. No one knows the critical ins and outs of the mortgage field better than a professional broker. For expert advice on all aspects of mortgage financing,

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